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Here's how to score a free cup of coffee for yourself!

Anyone who calls 888-311-LISA (5472) to share a story, a comment or some bit of whimsey, is automatically added to a weekly drawing for a cup of coffee on me!  You can choose between Starbucks and Dunkin!  If you win, I'll send you an electronic $5 gift card to the coffee shop you choose.  You can win more than once too!  Woo hoo!


What sorts of things could you call about? 

     * A song that was a goose-bump moment for you

     * Something you're learning

     * An embarrassing moment

     * Something cute/sweet/funny your kids said

     * What the station means to you

     * Anything fun or deep or insightful. 


You get the idea.  There's really no wrong way to call, but that's the sort of thing I love to hear.  You might get me "live" or if I'm on the phone, it will go to voice-mail and you can leave a message there.

Oh!  And you can also text that same number too!

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